01 March 2016

Teaching English As A Foreign Language (TEFL)


There are eight different types of intelligences with different types of learner styles.

We should know that we are all intelligent in different way and so our students, as a teacher we have to develop them through their strengths because everyone enjoys learning in their strength areas.

And here I will share some suggested activities for each type of intelligence,

First is Naturalistic type, which is good with nature and learns best by working outside and observing nature so as a teacher easy for us to make them working environmental projects and playing with different kind of animals,

Next / Second is Visual / spatial type, Visual type students are good at drawing, building, arts and crafts, and they will learns best by visualizing and using the mind’s eye, as a teacher we can ask them to design a costume, interpret a painting, create a layout, coloring and so on,

Third is Intrapersonal type, which is love to working alone and pursuing their own interests, of course they learns best by working alone, so we can give them personalized projects,

Meanwhile the Fourth is Interpersonal type, which is love to mixing with others and leading groups, interpersonal type of students usually good at understanding others and mediating, so they learns best by groups and sharing, as a teacher we can ask them to make a group work for debate or discussions and make them demonstrate their feeling through body language and interpret moods facial expressions,

Fifth is Musical type, Musical type students are good at Singing, listening to music and playing instrument, so they will learns best by using rhythm and with music on, as a teacher we can ask them to perform a musical piece, sing a song, review a musical work and so on,

Sixths is Logical / Mathematical type, this students are good at solving puzzles, exploring patterns, reasoning and logic, so they will learns best by asking questions, categorizing and working with patterns, as a teacher we can ask them to perform an arithmetic calculation, create a process, analyze how something’s worked and so on,

Sevenths is Bodily / Kinesthetic type, this type of students almost always moving around, touching things and playing instruments, so they learns best by physical experience and movement, touch and feel, as a teacher we can use TPR activities to make their body work, ask them to demonstrate something, miming to explain something and so on,

And the last is Verbal Linguistic type, this type of students good at reading, writing and stories, the learns best by saying, hearing and explaining ideas and information via language, as a teacher we can ask them to write a speech, write a piece of work, and speak on a subject,

Hopefully with this information we can identify each of students’ type and design a lesson plan that will suit them from time to time.

Although we can’t please all the students all the time, it’s just good to bear in mind that there are many different ways of learning.
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