02 March 2018

Saturday Afternoon - ME TIME

As a wife, a mother and also an employee like me, I almost have no time for myself. Seven days a week I get to focus on what’s important instead of what I want. Becoming a good wife and also a mother it’s the point. But suddenly, I was thinking about this time when I wasn’t doing anything and I love it because I can do what I want. It’s the perfect in – between, moments free of obligation called Saturday afternoon. It’s about 4-5 pm on Saturday, when I have some me time while my husband take our two years old son to walk, and I think it’s good to treat myself in a while.

First of all I will take a shower in more proper way. Even if I’m not able to get my hair and body done at beauty salon and spa, I’ll treat myself like royalty, with body butter, soap and shampoo smell like milk and honey. No need to rush like I always do, this time I’ll take it nice and slow.

After that I’ll make myself a cup of tea with honey and lemon to keep myself warm. Tea’s warmth and pleasant aroma makes me more relaxed. There are many ways to enjoy the tea, but mostly I just sit in a quiet place where i can be alone with my thoughts.

And finally I usually like to have at least one or two of my favorite old books by my side. I know very well that I don’t have much time to read that entire books again but just to have that book with me while I’m snuggling on the couch waiting my husband and son to come home makes me happy.

Me time is so important because by doing what I want even it’s just for one or two hours a week it can recharge my power to ensure my family’s needs are met. When I don’t feel stressed out or overwhelmed, I can give my family all of me.

 (Tulisan diatas ini adalah tugas writing jaman kuliah di Unindra, sayang rasanya kalau di hapus begitu aja, jadilah saya putuskan untuk menampungnya di sini ^^)

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